Further Development

The Australian Government Department of Health in conjunction with states and territories has commissioned a team within The University of Queensland to undertake a program of work spanning three years to further develop and refine the NMHSPF. This project commenced in March 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

Priorities for development include:

 – Revising the epidemiology of the NMHSPF to incorporate the latest evidence and provide a structure for regular updating.
 – Refining the care profiles of the NMHSPF to better account for the needs of special populations including:
          – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations; 
          – People living in rural and remote areas; 
          – Culturally and linguistically diverse groups;
          – Forensic populations; and
          – Youth groups. 
– Implementing incremental technical fixes and enhancements in response to licensed user feedback. 
– Supporting the transition of the NMHSPF-PST to a new technology platform.